• Firewalls – APU1.C4

    Hello, and welcome.

    In the last couple firewall articles I went through and explained the differences in some popular distributions.  Ultimately, I stuck with pfSense for quite a long time, and it has come a long ways since I did my original review having made many things easier in both interface and installation.

    Recently, I bought into the idea of getting an account from an “anonymous”/no-log VPN service to help maintain a little extra “anonymity” on the internet.  As always, pfSense is amazing in that it was one of the firewalls specifically listed from my provider with steps on how to support it.
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  • My new Home Theater PC

    Hello interwebz,

    My movie viewing experience has gone through several stages over the years and just recently I got a setup that I’m thoroughly enjoying more than any previous solution.

    First, a few years ago I made a post that mentioned using the PS3 with Ps3MediaServer (PMS).  That worked for some time, but I like digital copies of my media and when Cinavia became a big thing, and the fact I only use free ripping software and not the pay windows software that were “Cinavia compatible”, it killed my new movies.
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  • 2 years pass, am I still alive?

    Yes, in fact, I am.

    The past couple years have actually been quite busy for me. Just not, unfortunately, in a technical/geek way. I started this blog because I tend to be the kind of guy that gets a fun idea for a computer or techie item and tries it out just because.

    I like to mess with different linux distributions, install weird software, randomly change out my dedicated firewalls for our home, etc. I figured that if I documented some of these things that are never quite as easy as advertised, it might help out some other people.
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  • Remove black borders/bars in ps3mediaserver

    Hey all, welcome back.

    Recently I picked myself up a PS3 (Ok, so I bought it for the “kid” for “christmas” ;)), and wanted to serve my video files to my 42″ HDTV. Now, I think there are three kinds of people when it comes to watching videos on these HDTV’s. You’ve got those that want a film to be stretched to fit width-wise, maintaining it’s aspect ratio, and just adding the black borders to the top and bottom as filler. This preserves the “look” of the video so that nothing is misproportioned. Then you have those, like me, that don’t mind if people get a little taller and skinnier, but just can’t stand having half the screen be wasted black space. The third is those that don’t care. There’s always a group for those that don’t care :D. Continue reading  Post ID 636

  • Ubuntu 10.04 install with LVM on Raid 1 using Graphical LiveCD

    Hello World!

    It’s been a few months since my last post.. I’ve definitely let my blog go by the wayside.  It just seems I’ve been running out of things to tinker with.  But, when I do get around to doing something that I can’t find much information on while googling I try and document it somewhere.

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