Ubuntu 10.04 install with LVM on Raid 1 using Graphical LiveCD

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It’s been a few months since my last post.. I’ve definitely let my blog go by the wayside.  It just seems I’ve been running out of things to tinker with.  But, when I do get around to doing something that I can’t find much information on while googling I try and document it somewhere.

Recently, I acquired a 1TB drive for my Gaming Desktop.  I wasn’t able to afford additional hard drives when I purchased that system and as such have just been running with a 2GB swap, 20GB root, and ~478GB for a home.  No fault tolerance, and no way to add more space when my home gets full aside adding a new drive and making a new partition and mount-point.  So, when I got the 1TB drive I came up with the best I could do under the circumstances (I believe).

Optimally, you want the same size hard drives for a RAID array.  However, with linux software raid it’s really irrelevant as it just uses partitions of a drive, not whole drives themselves.  So I should be able to RAID 1 a 500GB partition on the 500GB drive (whole disk) and a 500GB partition on the 1TB drive (so half the drive) and put an LVM on top for future expansion.  Now, googling for LVM on Raid for Ubuntu will invariably get you lots of results, like this one or this one.

Unfortunately, almost all of the documentation is old with 9.04 or previous being the ones setup on, and typically using LILO if true LVM on Raid or having a /boot outside the LVM for grub and most using the alternative installer CD.  With 9.10 and up getting grub2 by default it’s supposed to have support for booting directly to LVM partitions now negating the need for a separate /boot or LILO.

I wanted to know if it would be possible to manually setup my drives using the standard mdadm and lvm2 commands, and then use the graphical installer to select my LVM’s, install, and boot.  This is what I did.

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  1. Many thanks for this tuto, it really helped me. I had a slight difference tough with Ubuntu 12.04: I had to build linux file systems for all newly created logical volumes, otherwise the installation process wouldn’t edit partition entries (in order to set up mounting points).
    cfr: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1782296

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