So I finally got my time!

So I just needed a little time to install software and put out some screenshots for you guys to see what can be done with Mer/Ubuntu on the N810.  I already gave you a few in a previous post.. including Scribus, Gimp, Vuze and FileZilla.  Of those 4 the only one NOT usable was Vuze… this little tablet simply doesn’t have the power for that Java heavy app.  It launches, but takes like 20-30 minutes to do so.

So now lets look at some of the more important pieces of software that everyone will want:

Synaptic – Gotta add software right?


OpenOffice 3.0 – Can’t live without office can we?

openoffice_splash openoffice3

This installed without problems today, just ran:

apt-get install

However when I tried right after I installed LXDE in my install post I received several conflicting package errors.  So, I don’t know if something in the repo’s have been fixed, or if I had broken something in my install after I did my LXDE entry.  Let me know if openoffice doesn’t load for you!

Firefox 3.0:


Here is various other applications people may like:

Bluefish (HTML Editor):


Quanta + (Another HTML Editor):


Kino (Video Editing):




GnomeBaker (DVD/CD Burning):


Well I think that’s a good showcase for now.

I want to point out that several software and packages will install and give you no errors but they won’t run.  For example, Thunderbird and xpdf will install but neither will actually run.  Thunderbird segfaults and xpdf gives another error..

So while we do have access to 1000’s of software already ported to the ARM architecture by the ubuntu team.. some of it just can’t run on this weaker hardware.  But it’s my opinion that when using both Maemo and Ubuntu when you need it on the N810 makes this a formiddable device… an (almost) full linux in the palm of your hand.  Sweet!