It appears ATI has released the 9.9 driver for this months release. You can read a blog that lists a highlight of it’s release notes here.

Of course a Phoronix thread has been

posted as they are always on top of things.

For all Non-Karmic Koala users go download them from ATI and let us know how they work!!!

Support for New Linux Operating Systems

This release of ATI Catalyst™ Linux introduces support for the following new operating system:

  • OpenSUSE 11.1 production support
  • SLED and SLES 10 SP3 early look support

Resolved Issues:

The following section provides a brief description of resolved issues with the latest version of the ATI Catalyst™ Linux software suite. These include:

  • [RandR 1.2] Enabling a disabled GPU no longer causes desktop overlap (default monitor section not being used)
  • Catalyst Control Center: The refresh rate is now preserved after restarting X
  • [SuSE 11.0] With desktop effects enabled, system no longer fails when switching to another Virtual Terminal
  • Catalyst Control Center: The “Identify” icon now rotates when screen is rotated with RandR 1.2
  • The “Identify” icon no longer disappears after resolution change
  • “Force maximum performance clocks ” status in Catalyst Control Center now functions properly when change is applied to a single adapter for specific ASICs
  • With CrossFire enabled, Catalyst Control Center no longer throws segmentation fault while selecting the secondary display
  • CrossFireX settings in Catalyst Control Center now reflect when CrossFire is enabled/disabled properly
  • [Ubuntu 9.04] Under specific system configurations, resume from S3 and S4 in extended desktop mode no longer causes the desktop to appear with no menu or icons
  • Hotplugging the second display no longer causes X to fail with the keyboard and mouse becoming inoperable
  • Bringing up the Catalyst Control Center display selector in the CrossFire Diagnostic aspect no longer causes X to fail on specific ASICs

Known Issues

  • Some CAL SDK samples throws an error message while executing on the second ASIC ATI Proprietary Linux Release Notes 6
  • aticonfig -xinerama=on may result in different dimensions and DPI settings between Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04
  • Display corruption may be observed after changing TV format from NTSC to PAL and restarting X server
  • System may become unreponsive after executing specific combinations of Xrandr reflections and rotations
  • X server may fail to start GUI Desktop Manager after enabling secondary adapter using Catalyst Control Center
  • [Ubuntu 9.04] Animated busy mouse cursor may disappear or flicker in Clone mode
  • Corruption may be visible after hotplugging a display and doing a Virtual Terminal switch
  • Changes to gamma values may be applied to the wrong display when X is restarted
  • Systems with both CRT and LVDS displays connected may fail to respond when starting the X server on some ASICs
  • Segmentation fault may occur or system may display error during boot up if X is stopped in Dual-Head mode

Note:  Users with Karmic Koala (or a more bleeding edge distro like Fedora or Arch) will already have 9.10 pre-release drivers in their repositories (or available through online).  9.9 will not likely compile properly on your 2.6.31 kernel so you may not want to try to “downgrade” unless you wish you patch it yourself.

Happy Gaming!