Looks like ATI posted their official 9.10 drivers yesterday.  As always you can grab them here.  These are in the official release notes:

Resolved Issues

The following section provides a brief description of resolved issues with the latest

version of the ATI CatalystTM Linux software suite. These include:

  • “aticonfig -xinerama=on” no longer results in different dimensions and DPI settings between Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04
  • CAL SDK samples will no longer throw an error message while executing on the second ASIC
  • Playback with UVD acceleration no longer causes Mplayer to terminate abruptly or display blank video
  • Display corruption no longer observed after changing TV format from NTSC to PAL and restarting X server
  • System now responds properly when multi-display mode is being configured
  • Pressing the “Detect Displays” button in Catalyst Control Center will now detect newly hotplugged displays properly
  • System no longer becomes unresponsive when playing VC-1 or H.264 content in dual stream with SD MPEG content
  • Changes to gamma values are no longer applied to the wrong display when X is restarted
  • With CrossFire enabled, pressing the “Detect Displays” button no longer causes the “3D” settings drop down menu to expand in the Catalyst Control Center Display Manager
  • Desktop rotation changes will no longer cause segmentation fault in clone mode
  • Systems with both CRT and LVDS displays connected will now respond properly when starting the X server

Known Issues

  • With CrossFire enabled, system may become unresponsive when switching to DC
(battery) mode with full-screen applications running
  • Desktop resolution changes through Catalyst Control Center might not be applied
after restarting X
  • System may become unresponsive when toggling between virtual terminals in multi-head configuration with applications running
  • System may become unreponsive after executing specific combinations of XRandR reflections and rotations
  • X server may fail to start GUI Desktop Manager after enabling secondary adapter using Catalyst Control Center
  • [Ubuntu 9.04] Animated busy mouse cursor may disappear or flicker in clone mode
  • Corruption may be visible after hotplugging a display and doing a Virtual Terminal switch
  • [RHEL 5.3] The secondary display may become disabled after resuming from sleep/hibernation in big desktop mode
  • Screen rotation may result in corrupt video playback
  • [SUSE 11.1] Unplugging the secondary display and terminating the X server (Ctrl + Alt + Backspace) may cause the primary display to become blank and display corruption
  • fgl_glxgears application may fail to function and cause the system to stop responding while performing OpenGL GLX Remote Rendering
  • In dual-head mode, performing a XRandR command (rotation or screen resolution change) on screen 1 may cause both screens to display corruption
  • Segmentation fault may occur or system may display error during boot up if X is stopped in Dual-Head mode

People at phoronix of course have a thread going, and so far they haven’t been screaming foul too much.  But it has just been a day :).  There isn’t too much to say about this release, however, as Ubuntu Karmic has had 9.10 drivers in their repo’s since last month. I will say that I’ve been gaming in Left 4 Dead and WoW in wine since they were added to Karmic and I’ve had very little problems. So far my biggest complaints have been in video playback with my HDTV. Overall, I still am very happy with ATI’s new support model for Linux.

So, here’s to waiting for 9.11 – hope they come out earlier in the month than 9.10 did!

Happy Gaming!