New Blog, same address

As part of my new Rancher Cattle Swarm that I have finally gotten semi-stable across my arm devices, I have also recently discovered Caddy, and Hugo. This seemed like an excellent, lightweight alternative to Wordpress and running a MariaDB backend. I also previously was running a small nginx web server just for my primary website.

Well, I decided that, instead, running a simple Caddy webserver with a virtual host for each of my websites would suffice, and I could use Hugo to replace the bulky Wordpress. Of course, I don’t have a github account, and don’t particularly want one, but I needed at least some way to automate adding new posts which Hugo doesn’t currently do. Thus, I went about building arm-based gogs, hugo, and caddy containers to take over all my websites. I snatched the wordpress-to-hugo converter and had it export my existing Wordpress blog to a series of markdown flat files. Unfortunately, the converter doesn’t work that great, and there are tons of problems on many pages.

I’ve fixed most of the super obvious ones but I can’t guarantee the older posts format will still look right after this change. As I get time I will read through some of the old posts and update any problems I see.

I checked all of them, and my primary website, into my own Gogs repositories and have setup Caddy with a webhook to automatically refresh them any time I commit up to the servers. Still no where near as easy to publish content as Wordpress with it’s admin panels, but is definitely more resource friendly and in theory more secure.

I did add both analytics and disqus, for statistics and comments respectively, but am certainly up to any suggestions. I’m not a huge fan of Disqus, myself, as it up and decided the first comments I made on another blog were spam - but I don’t know of anything comparable that is as easy.

If you have any suggestions of what else I can migrate stuff to or what comment or statistics might work better than either Google or Disqus (or at least, maybe a little more privately), or even if you find any problems in my older posts that make them unusable then let me know below. Unless you refuse to use Disqus, which I understand, feel free to join IRC on the right and tell me in there!

Have a good day!