Useful Links

This page is for the links for products that I have found useful and use for


Proxmox - A quite amazing (and free) Hypervisor/Virtualization server. Includes support for full and container-level virtualization.

TurnKey Linux - A project for quickly deploying the most common server configurations. Quite handy.

Kubernetes - The ultimate container orchestrator.


APU - One of the only decently priced single board computers with 3 gigabit ethernet, making it an amazing firewall device.

PfSense - I have done a lot of firewall searching and reviews on my Blog, pfSense was the best.

OPNSense - A pfSense fork and enhancement. Better UI, better adheres to the open source philosophy. All of my firewall reviews using pfSense can be achieved with OPNsense as well.


Ansible - Ansible - create playbooks to execute across an entire environment.

Terraform - Cross platform infrastructure automation.