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Random Ramblings


I realized that I have been somewhat neglecting my blog of late.  I have a very valid and perfectly acceptable excuse however – I have re-addicted myself to WoW.   World of Warcraft has, of course, become a perfectly acceptable reason to miss work, ignore your spouse, neglect your kids, and make new “real” friends that are approximately the size of my pinky.

I am officially an RHCE!


Today’s post is just my thoughts on my most recent class + exam.  The RHCE is considered by many people to be one of the best (and most difficult) Linux-based certifications that an SA can get.  For that reason, I have desperately wanted this certification for quite some time, but I could never afford the cost.

ATI 9.10 Drivers officially released.


Looks like ATI posted their official 9.10 drivers yesterday.  As always you can grab them here.  These are in the official release notes:

Need a Firewall? Part 2.

Welcome Back!!

In the last article regarding firewalls I gave you the links and some basic information regarding three different firewall options.  I had intended to try all three and let you know how it went but I was enjoying messing with the Endian firewall too much to lose it!  Well, I recently got bored and decided what the hell – time to try something new.  So I went to the next in the list:  pfSense.

Updated Mencoder Script


A while back I wrote a script to convert my dvd collection into AVI files on my computer, which included the ability to auto-crop the black borders.  I recently decided I wanted to start using the Matroska container instead of AVI.  I again tried to accomplish this with GUI tools – many of them I evaluated previously such as WinFF and HyperVC and I also tried Avidemux and HandBrake GTK.  WinFF/HyperVC wouldn’t run the encode for some reason when I selected the auto-crop features, and HandBrake GTK would not run at all on Karmic Koala giving GTK errors.  Avidemux allowed me to set all the settings, and it worked – but the audio was invariably a-sync’d.  I couldn’t find any settings with MP3, Vorbis, or FAAC that would properly sync with the video I was trying to convert.

ATI 9.9 Driver Release


It appears ATI has released the 9.9 driver for this months release. You can read a blog that lists a highlight of it’s release notes here.

Catalyst 9.10 for Ubuntu Karmic Koala


So evidently, ATI has released the 9.10 driver, even before 9.9 is released – but only for Ubuntu Karmic Koala users!  Way to go ATI!  I saw the article at Phoronix yesterday and said to myself “Hell yes, I’m going to try this!”

I was originally going to show everyone how to patch or install the 9.9 drivers onto 2.6.31 kernel as soon as they were released but I guess now that becomes unnecessary.

New LINUX Gaming Rig Review

Finally! It’s about time I get this to you guys right?? :). Well here it is at last, the full review of the Budget Gamer that I told you about in a previous post.

Karmic Koala (2.6.31 kernel) and ATI Catalyst 9.7

Welcome Back!

This is no longer required. ATI has released 9.10 for Karmic Koala users!

I recently decided I wanted to try to upgrade to Karmic Koala to test the “alpha” release that Ubuntu has out there and realized that the ATI drivers don’t support the 2.6.31 kernel.  When you google, you will invariably be sent to this bug report which does in fact explain the problem but doesn’t really give you a step by step on how to fix it.  I missed it at first (even though it is perfectly logical), and ended up reloading Jaunty in frustration.  After a few days I tried to give it another go and this time I figured it out.

Quick Update – New System

Hello there!

I know you guys were hoping for a full nice fancy review of my new system this week, but unfortunately it’s taking me a little longer than I expected to buy me the new games :).  I have my hands on Fallout 3 and Crysis, will hopefully get myself soon Crysis: Warhead and Left 4 Dead.  However, as of now I have been entirely unsuccessful at getting Crysis to run in Cedega (7.0), CXGames, or Wine properly.  I am still looking at the “how-to’s” on the web of people that have gotten this to work but I am extremely un-hopeful with that one.