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Sep 24, 2009 - 12 minute read - Comments - Firewalls Linux

Need a Firewall? Part 2.

Welcome Back!!

In the last article regarding firewalls I gave you the links and some basic information regarding three different firewall options.  I had intended to try all three and let you know how it went but I was enjoying messing with the Endian firewall too much to lose it!  Well, I recently got bored and decided what the hell – time to try something new.  So I went to the next in the list:  pfSense.

Sep 17, 2009 - 2 minute read - Comments - General

Updated Mencoder Script


A while back I wrote a script to convert my dvd collection into AVI files on my computer, which included the ability to auto-crop the black borders.  I recently decided I wanted to start using the Matroska container instead of AVI.  I again tried to accomplish this with GUI tools – many of them I evaluated previously such as WinFF and HyperVC and I also tried Avidemux and HandBrake GTK.  WinFF/HyperVC wouldn’t run the encode for some reason when I selected the auto-crop features, and HandBrake GTK would not run at all on Karmic Koala giving GTK errors.  Avidemux allowed me to set all the settings, and it worked – but the audio was invariably a-sync’d.  I couldn’t find any settings with MP3, Vorbis, or FAAC that would properly sync with the video I was trying to convert.

Sep 8, 2009 - 4 minute read - Comments - Linux

Catalyst 9.10 for Ubuntu Karmic Koala


So evidently, ATI has released the 9.10 driver, even before 9.9 is released – but only for Ubuntu Karmic Koala users!  Way to go ATI!  I saw the article at Phoronix yesterday and said to myself “Hell yes, I’m going to try this!”

I was originally going to show everyone how to patch or install the 9.9 drivers onto 2.6.31 kernel as soon as they were released but I guess now that becomes unnecessary.

Sep 3, 2009 - 15 minute read - Comments - Linux

New LINUX Gaming Rig Review

Finally! It’s about time I get this to you guys right?? :). Well here it is at last, the full review of the Budget Gamer that I told you about in a previous post.