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Rancher & True Multi-Arch Environment

Welcome Back!


This information doesn’t work on the new 1.1.0+ Agents. You will need to checkout 1.0.2 if you want to use this.

Last time I was trying to get my Odroid’s, and Raspberry Pi’s working as a Docker Swarm built on the newly integrated tools baked into Docker 1.12. That wasn’t working quite right as I explained in that post, primarily with the overlay network. The Odroid’s couldn’t quite route traffic right between all the hosts. So, I once again attempted Kubernetes, and ended up running into the exact same problems as before. Primarily, though I could get it installed and deploy containers among all the boxes, the DNS would cease to function after a reboot and it doesn’t survive a reboot of the Master node very well. I do like the interface for Kubernetes, but it really needs to make Multi-Master configurations easier to setup, and I don’t like how many changes to the underlying host OS it requires to run properly.

Docker 1.12 Swarm & Odroid

Welcome Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my recently built swarm consisting of two Odroid-C1’s, an Odroid-XU4, and a NanoPC-T1. I was using Shipyard as a management interface and everything worked OK, but it didn’t have any automated failover or high-availability solution. If one of the devices went down, the containers running on that device would die and wait for the device to come back up to restart. You could scale the containers, but that doesn’t work for all servers (like IRC and Murmur). I wanted to tinker and see if I could get around that limitation.

Nearly Two More Years

Welcome back, mainly to me, hah.

It’s been almost two years since my last post, but I have made sure to keep the blog running in case the information on it proves useful to people. I have even used it to recall a few old scripts here and there, so I’ll be sure to keep it around. I still have the problem of not wanting to document things as I finish them, which is terrible when you want to run a blog, but we can play a little catch up here.

In the past two years, here’s the projects I can recall dealing with: