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Well, here we go!

So, when I last left you I said that I would show you what this thing can do and load a fully functional LXDE desktop from the Ubuntu packages.

You can do this from either inside Maemo, chrooted into your Mer partition, or, if you are still staring at the pretty blue Mer desktop from my last entry.. you can do all this right from the terminal in there.

Note: The commands I use will not include the word “sudo”, and all must be run as root unless otherwise specified.  So “su -” up and lets get started.

Let’s see what happens!

NOTE: Mer 0.7 is very outdated. To keep up with the newer versions you can follow it at

So, I have had the Nokia N810 for quite some time now and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this little device.  When the Deblet project came around, introducing a FULL debian based OS on this little device I was all over it.  I setup my own repository and even configured KDE4 and Enlightenment for it.