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Firewalls – APU1.C4

Hello, and welcome. In the last couple firewall articles I went through and explained the differences in some popular distributions. Ultimately, I stuck with pfSense for quite a long time, and it has come a long ways since I did my original review having made many things easier in both interface and installation. Recently, I bought into the idea of getting an account from an “anonymous”/no-log VPN service to help maintain a little extra “anonymity” on the internet. As always, pfSense is amazing in that it was one of the firewalls specifically listed from my provider with steps on how to support it.

Miss Me?

Hello World!

Update: Everything in this post is outdated.  pyPianobar is discontinued, and the Feral Druid’s rotation is both wrong, and no longer maintained.

I know I’ve been missing lately; I have gotten myself pretty busy between WoW, setting up an HA/LB (High Availability/Load Balancing) web and database server(s) for a client and just time with the family.

If you haven’t seen it before, Ultra Monkey is quite a simple and nice set of tools to manage an HA/LB configuration – and it has several good example configurations to get you started.

New LINUX Gaming Rig Review

Finally! It’s about time I get this to you guys right?? :). Well here it is at last, the full review of the Budget Gamer that I told you about in a previous post.

Welcome back!

In this post I’m going to take a look at WinFF and Hyper Video Converter.  In my Arch Linux post I detailed my many problems getting a decent video converter to work right in Arch Linux and on the Acer Aspire One.

In all of the big all-in-one packages: OGMRip, dvd::rip, AcidRip, HandBrake, etc.  I ran into one problem after the other.

Arch Linux on Acer Aspire One

Talk about speedy!

How’s it going everybody?? Few days ago a friend of mine got me to throw on Arch Linux and give it a whirl, again.  So, I been away getting Arch Linux setup and running and remembering why I liked it the first time :).